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Customer case: Satisfaction survey in Belgium and Switzerland

Satisfaction survey for Edigroup (Lausanne, Switzerland)

IntoTheMinds carried out this year for Edigroup (Lausanne, Switzerland) a satisfaction survey in Belgium and Switzerland among all its customers. This was the first study of its kind for our client. We, therefore, started from a blank sheet of paper to design a customer satisfaction measurement tool that can be used permanently by Edigroup.

The satisfaction survey was conducted in two stages:

  1. a qualitative part: this made it possible to identify the most important themes and prioritise them
  2. a quantitative phase with 50,000 customers in 2 countries: this made it possible to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

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Qualitative phase

Book openTo design the interview guide, we first conducted a literature review on subscription services and the quality of service.

The qualitative phase was conducted based on 40 individual 30-minute telephone interviews with clients and former clients. This allowed us to understand the factors leading to the termination of subscriptions.

These 40 interviews made it possible to identify a series of ten or more themes throughout the value chain. These themes have been prioritised and have become the backbone of the satisfaction questionnaire.

Quantitative phase

A quantitative measuring instrument (online questionnaire) has been designed and proposed to Edigroup’s management. The objective was to administer it to all customers in Belgium and Switzerland.

To ensure the sustainability of the customer satisfaction measurement process, we suggested to the customer that they equip themselves with a software solution allowing the launch of campaigns, the visualisation and the follow-up of the results. We have thus made the client independent. They are now able to monitor and measure customer satisfaction on their own.


Marion Perillat is a marketing project manager at Edigroup in Geneva. It is with her that the IntoTheMinds team worked on a daily basis to carry out the satisfaction survey. She gives us below her testimony on the 6 months of the project.


Marion Perillat, project manager for customer satisfaction survey at Edigroup

Marion Perillat, Marketing Project Manager, Edigroup (Lausanne, Switzerland)

“IntoTheMinds has effectively supported us in our customer satisfaction project. IntoTheMinds was able to take into account our constraints while defending the level of quality required to meet our objectives on the market. At each phase of our project, they reminded us of important factors for a customer satisfaction study: precision, representativeness and efficiency.

Pierre-Nicolas is a great professional who took the time to discuss with us and remained attentive to our expectations. I highly recommend IntoTheMinds’ services for your future projects.”


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