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Brand reputation surveys in Belgium, France and Europe

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IntoTheMinds regularly carries out brand reputation research in Belgium, France and all over Europe. We also support multi-country awareness research in more than 20 languages.

Reputation research is particularly useful for brands wishing to launch into new geographical territory (see also our section on market research on foreign markets) in search of growth and who want to take the pulse of their market.

IntoTheMinds carried out a reputation survey in Belgium for Havaianas, a Brazilian brand internationally known for its beach products and in particular its flip-flops. We describe, with the permission of our customer, this project below.

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Reputation research in Belgium: the method

IntoTheMinds has developed, based on the client’s objectives, a quantitative measurement instrument to evaluate:

  • brand awareness and the persistence of advertising information
  • the purchasing habits of Belgians.

The questionnaire not only offered classic multiple-choice questions but also relied on visual stimuli to elicit responses. In particular, we have specially created questions aimed at soliciting spontaneous brand awareness in Belgium.

Havaianas products

Reputation survey in Belgium: the results

A panel representative of the Belgian population was used for this research, and the answers were obtained in less than 48 hours.

The results were synthesised for the client in the form of a report of more than 100 pages. The quantitative results were presented in graphical form, and we focused in particular on analysing the differences in awareness between;

  • the north and south of the country
  • men and women
  • age groups.

For the open parts (free fields) of the questionnaire, we carried out a semantic analysis of the answers which made it possible to show in particular the different ways in which the respondents spelt the brand name.

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