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IntoTheMinds designs and carries out mystery shopping projects, from the simplest to the most complex, in both B2C and B2B. We carry out our mystery shopping projects in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Contact us for a detailed proposal and a free quote within 48 hours.

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Our mystery shopping services at a glance

  • What for? Competition study, location study, satisfaction survey
  • Territories covered: Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands for field studies; all of Western Europe for mystery shopping by telephone or online
  • Budget: from 5000€ excl. VAT
  • Study duration: from 4 weeks onwards
  • Quote: within 48 hours

Our services

For mystery shopping studies in Belgium and France, our market research office can count on a reliable network of external investigators as well as its own team. For the most sophisticated studies (and in particular those in B2B) we do not use external investigators and prefer a 100% internal implementation. This allows us to keep control from A to Z over the project, thus ensuring you an irreproachable quality thanks to a homogeneous treatment.


Research concept design

Mystery shopper in a retail storeWe carry out the studies in the most rigorous way possible, following the same guidelines that have made our company successful. In particular, we develop protocols that allow us to obtain reproducible and comparable results. The methodology is entirely designed and tested in-house before the study is launched.

First of all, we design a scenario to collect the information in the most natural way possible and in compliance with the rules of ethics. This scenario is played beforehand to detect potential problems and in particular, the collection of the information desired by the customer.

Once the scenario has been finalised, a written protocol is drawn up for the investigators. If necessary, we also produce a support video to simplify the understanding and monitoring of the methodology.


Different modes of execution are possible, depending on the context of your study:

  • online
  • by telephone
  • field studies

A combination of the various methods is also possible.

Online and telephone surveys are particularly suitable for customer service surveys. Field studies are generally applicable in the retail sector.


The analysis of the results is carried out entirely by us. The results can be presented differently according to the customer’s wishes:

  • a summary table for the competition benchmark
  • a graphic representation of the customer experience
  • a full report on the results achieved
  • a results restitution workshop

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When to use mystery shopping research?

Mystery shopping is an ethnographic technique that is adapted for different scenarios:

It allows you to gather objective information about your competitors, customer service quality and experience, from a customer’s point of view.

Customer experience research using mystery shopping

The customer experience is complicated to study because it is based on 6 dimensions: emotional, cognitive, relational, physical, sensory and symbolic. We use the latest scientific advances in customer experience to provide you with a complete analysis, including mystery shopping, to understand the subjective dimensions of the customer experience.

Competition analysis using mystery shopping

The competition analysis is, of course, anchored in the mystery shopping approach. Analysing your competitors’ offers requires you to experience what they offer their customers and the image they project.

Customer service analysis using mystery shopping

Customer service is an essential component of a company’s success. A deficient (or on the contrary efficient) customer service can make the difference in terms of business strategy. Mystery shopping is the ideal approach to evaluate the attitude of salespeople and people in your organisation concerning your customers. Depending on the context, the study can be carried out by telephone (to study hotlines in particular), online (to analyse customer service by instant messaging) or in-person (in the case of local shops).

Examples of mystery shopping research

Discover below some real cases of real surveys:

Mystery shopping research in B2C

  • Analysis of a telephone operator’s customer service: evaluation of the adequacy of the answers provided, the vocabulary used, the perceived respect
  • Analysis of the service offered by sellers in a luxury brand: assessment of the advice received, the quality of the service, the follow-up of the customer and the application of sales instructions
  • Analysis in a supermarket chain: measurement of employee availability, stock shortages on the shelves, compliance with promotions, the advice provided by employees

Mystery shopping studies in B2B

  • Analysis of the competing offers for the provision of IT services: analysis of the offers of companies specialising in the development and implementation of cloud services
  • Competitive study for the sale of industrial products to plumbers/heating engineers

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