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A rigorous analysis of the 6 dimensions of customer experience

IntoTheMinds has more than 10 years of expertise in the field of customer experience (also called “CX”). For the past 10 years, we have been developing tools and publishing many articles on the subject. Today our studies follow a unique and reliable methodology based on the analysis of the 6 dimensions of CX proven by scientific studies: emotional, cognitive, relational, physical, sensory and symbolic.

For the measurement of each of these dimensions, we have instruments that make it possible to measure its evolution over time, on the one hand, and to highlight the levers for improvement, on the other hand. We help companies from all walks of life reinvent their customer experience. Why not you?

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Our customer experience analysis services at a glance

  • Method: measurement of the 6 dimensions of CX
  • Budget: from 5000€ excl. VAT
  • Delivery time: from 2 weeks
  • Quote: within 48 hours

What is “customer experience”?

Customer experience” is a term that has become relatively common even though few people can give an exact definition. From a scientific point of view, customer experience is a subjective perception that is felt by the customer at a touchpoint when interacting with an entity (the brand, the company) or a person (an employee, other customers). The particularity of the experience is to be multidimensional (it is expressed in emotional, cognitive, relational, physical, sensory and symbolic terms) and not limited to the act of buying. CX begins long before the act of buying or consuming and continues long after. For more information, we recommend reading the following reference article: “Understanding Customer Experience Throughout the Customer Journey” by Katherine Lemon and Peter C. Verhoef.

What is the difference between customer experience and customer service?

Customer service (for which there are specific measurement scales) contributes to CX. Customer service is indeed one of the touchpoints and interaction with the employee is, therefore, likely to affect the perception of the customer according to the 6 dimensions of the CX. However, the experience of the customer is not limited to the service offered, and it is, therefore, vital to understand how one acts on the other without confusing them.

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How to measure CX?

Because customer experience is a process that extends over time and goes beyond the simple act of buying or consuming, we have developed more than 10 years ago a graphical framework to simplify the process of analysis. This outline reproduced below, is also available free of charge in high resolution on our “resources” page.

With this tool, you can break down CX into distinct moments and get a first general overview of it.

To go further, it is necessary to use quantitative instruments to have an accurate measurement. To do this, we use the measuring instruments validated by the most recent academic studies. The scientific validation of the measuring tools we use is a guarantee of reliability. In particular, we guarantee that each of the constituent dimensions of CX will be measured individually, allowing you to precisely identify the levers for improvement.

Template for the analysis of the customer experience

This diagram is useful for performing a first analysis of the customer experience

Why invest in Customer experience?

64%It is a long time ago that customers were satisfied with a product. Today, to differentiate, it is the CX that counts. 64% of consumers say that customer experience is more important than the purchase price. We have therefore entered an “experiential” era where the universe around the product takes precedence over the product itself.

While a link between revenue and CX now seems well established, studies also suggest a relationship between CX and benefits; a McKinsey Insights study shows that an improvement in CX leads to an increase in revenue of 10 to 15% and a decrease in costs of 15 to 20%, automatically leading to a rise in profits.

To learn more

Over the past 10 years, we have devoted many articles to CX on our blog. You will find some of our most-read articles below. They will allow you to explore the subject further:

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