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IntoTheMinds offers B2B market research services mainly in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, but we are also sometimes called upon for much more distant markets. Every year our teams carry out a large number of B2B market studies in many sectors of activity: chemicals, logistics and supply chain, postal industry, polymers, industrial constructions, production machines, to name but a few.

In 15 years of activity, we have been confronted with the most complex cases in the most varied sectors.

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Our B2B market research services at a glance

  • Methods used: mainly qualitative, quantitative when a proprietary database is available
  • Territories covered: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands
  • Budget: from 5000€ excl. VAT
  • Study duration: > 6 weeks
  • Quote: within 48 hours

What are the answers provided by a B2B market research?

illustration of the concept of B2B market researchB2B market research provides answers to many questions that a company may have during its development or launch. Many situations are conducive to the start of research:

  • Analysis of market share
  • Study of customer needs before launching a new product or service
  • Calculation of market potential before developing a new product or service
  • Study of a foreign market in the case of export development

Each situation is unique, and we use different methods to provide you with reliable answers.


Rentaga is a B2B marketplace operating from Luxembourg in all European markets. It facilitates the renting of industrial equipment.

We were delighted by the digital marketing services of IntoThe Minds.
The simplicity of the auditing and highly efficient advice allowed us to correct our digital errors, despite our long industry experience, in no time.. For sure we will regularly use the services of IntoTheMinds in the future to guide the course of our marketplace to success.

Jacques Valckenaere, CEO

A rigorously applied methodology and no compromise on the quality

IntoTheMinds' 7-step market research method

Our proprietary 7-step market research method

Founded by a PhD in Marketing, IntoTheMinds has built its reputation on the rigour and objectivity of its methodological approach (click here for more information on our 7-phase market research methodology, a graphic overview of which is provided opposite). This applies in particular to the B2B market research that we offer and for which we are likely to combine different techniques:

  • Desk research to obtain global market information and in specific legal analysis
  • Ethnographic analysis through in-situ studies (for example, using mystery shopping techniques or non-participatory observation in the case of product tests for a new market)
  • Individual qualitative interviews: the ultimate method of B2B market research, qualitative interviews make it possible to discuss in depth the most important topics such as the needs of your customers and prospects, their working methods, obstacles and levers to purchase, decision-making chains in companies.

All studies are possible, even the most complicated ones.

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The difficulty of B2B market research often lies in access to respondents. In the absence of easily mobilisable panels, understanding the B2B market usually requires direct interviews with respondents. Having a strong network of people willing to help you is, therefore, essential.

In 15 years of activity, we have built a reliable international network of more than 6000 professionals who we mobilise individually, respecting their time, to help us with B2B studies.

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Examples of B2B market research

Here are some examples of studies we have carried out in recent years. Also consult our client cases for a detailed overview of the projects carried out this year (national market research, foreign market research).

  • Research of the potential of a foreign market for the online sale of products for professionals in the automobile sector
  • Research on the use and purchase of agrochemical products in Asia
  • Technical monitoring of artificial intelligence solutions in the media sector
  • Definition of the market potential for the development of a product for the construction sector
  • Determination of the market share in France, Belgium and the Netherlands of industrial equipment
  • Calculation of the market potential for solvent recycling and providing a list of prospects
  • Geo-marketing study for the establishment in Belgium, France and Luxembourg of institutions for the elderly

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