Is this the manner your clients see your market?

Differentiation strategy: marketing consulting in France, Belgium, Europe

Is this the manner your clients see your market?

The price war is raging, and your competitors are lowering prices. What is your strategy? Override prices or offer a different added value to your customers? In today’s market, marketing strategies must be thought through to:

We believe that a differentiation strategy is the right solution for most situations. We therefore systematically offer our customers solutions that prevent them from entering the downward spiral of discounts.

Our solutions to develop a differentiation strategy

We analyse your competitive situation comprehensively, including mapping the markets in which you operate. These maps make it possible to formulate relevant offers and find new positioning solutions that generate value for your company. By analysing, in particular, your customer experience and using analytical tools such as “Blue Ocean” we identify points of differentiation, customer satisfaction and loyalty triggers, on which you can capitalise.

IntoTheMinds has made it a speciality to find new oceans of growth where your business can flourish without predators and competition. Comprehensive analyses of our clients’ markets, using both qualitative and quantitative methods, allow us to discover untapped potential. We combine the use of trend analysis, market research and other proprietary methods with the decoding of your customers’ hidden needs to offer you new products and services.

Why should you enter a price-war spiral? Don’t let yourself be trapped by the trivialisation of your products or services. Let your competitors kill each other and differentiate yourself to increase your profit margin and growth prospects sustainably.

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